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Eyelash Extensions

Wake up looking as ready as ever. Eyelash Extensions are a safe way to ditch the mascara and add a subtle pop to your look when applied by a licensed, certified esthetician. Applied using professional adhesive, synthetic hairs are placed directly onto the natural lash in its second growth stage, right above the lash line, not touching the eyelid skin. From classic, one on one, to Volume, up to 15 lighter hairs on one natural lash. Styles and length depend on your natural hair lengths and thickness to maximize the health of your natural lashes.

Full sets can take up to 3 hours depending on how many lashes you currently have. The time in-between fills will depend on how you care for your lashes. Lashes must be washed daily to prevent dirt and oils from building up and breaking the glue bond along with keeping your eyes bacteria free, eyeliners and products that contain certain oils can break this bond as well. Lash serums wether you chose to use extension or not, are always recommended as we lose the ability to produce as thick and as much hair as we age. Always check you products to make sure they are lash extension safe. We retail lash wash and products that are safe for extensions.

Fills can start at two weeks for classic sets and 3 weeks for volume sets to keep them looking full. You can lose up to 21 natural lashes per week as your hair cycles through the 4 phases of growth. Throughout the year, as seasons change there are also shedding seasons where your natural lashes shed and will remain shorter and thinner as the new cycle starts. These phases and seasons are more noticeable when wearing extensions.


  • Full Sets $120
  • Two week Fill $75


  • Full Sets $135
  • Two Week Fill $80


  • Full Sets $150
  • 3 Week Fills $95
  • Cleaning $15

Removals $30

Fills require at least 30% retention or it is considered a full set. Additional charges for cleaning lashes prior to appointment. Please clean your lashes to remove any eye makeup prior to your appointment or arrive early to clean them.

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